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Exaptation is a term that elicits mixed reactions, misunderstanding, or worse, doubt about the validity of the word. However, it has all its importance in the lexicon of the history of evolution. It's a word that was coined by Gould and Vrba that calls for more clarification regarding the use of more traditional terms, such as "biological adaptation." Evolutionary jargon is strongly influenced by these last two words, symbols of Darwin's theory and leitmotifs of major evolutionary hypotheses. However, "adaptation" leads to many confusions and idealizes any evolutionary process. The concept of biological exaptation condemns this predestined conception of evolution. He values the idea of "evolutionary tinkering" and warns about our habit of reducing every evolutionary change to an adaptation. This book defines it in detail and illustrates it with examples. Also, it reflects the limits of panadaptationism, a current of thought that associates the historical origin of an organ with its current use, our master vision of evolution.

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