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The Brains Factory -

Le Podcast

Un podcast pour comprendre plus facilement le cerveau humain et l'intelligence artificielle. Il traite de nombreux sujets (écrit également sous la forme d'articles) pour balayer les idées reçues et comprendre les technos d'aujourd'hui.

Ensemble, nous allons parler de neuromythes, d'apprentissage, de comparaisons hommes-machines, de biais cognitifs, de créativité, de la vision humaine, de la computer vision, ... Bref, nous allons parler de tous les sujets qui font intervenir le cerveau humain et l'intelligence artificielle.

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Bonne écoute !


Series 1: From the Insight

Podcasts by Romain Maltrud in collaboration with Lydia Bessaï.


The objective of From The Insight is to demystify the data professions. 

We intend to show managers and entrepreneurs that their data is worth a lot, while giving them the keys to understanding how to best use it. 

Together, we will talk about the human brain, neurosciences, biomimicry... and we will try to understand how these concepts can be applied to Artificial Intelligence.

We will also talk about the ethics of artificial intelligence, and how all these technologies can be integrated into the daily life of all companies.

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